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    EMAIL£º telansen
    Contact£ºWebster Zhang
    Address£ºNo. 9611 Hu Tai Road, Shanghai






    About Us


    Aa-Shanghai Telansen Coating Machinery Co., Ltd.(Shanghai spray a plant) is located in Shanghai, Hu Tai Road, Baoshan District, No. 9611¡£

    The main products are£ºGP series of high-pressure airless spraying machine, spraying equipment for pipe wall, GZ series of high-pressure fuel injection, high pressure spray gun, nozzle, high pressure pipes and other parts resin¡£

    The company is the first professional production of high-pressure airless sprayer business. The company has professional technical and manufacturing staff and management team, we have a deep professional knowledge and practical experience¡£

    We strive to make every detail perfect program to improve the process, strict quality control to make the products to reassure customers¡£

    “Quality first” is our eternal pursuit of customer trust and satisfaction is our greatest pride¡£

    Since its inception, is committed to providing customers with quality products and perfect after-sales service, product in the domestic market by the customers¡£

    Hite Ranson will continue with the changing market environment and flexible adjustment, active research and development production of new products, constantly improve the management system, adhere to the "customer first, forge ahead";'s business philosophy, better and more efficient service to our customers¡£

      • “Ransom TLS sprayer on the Haight "and compare the advantages of domestic counterparts£º
      • 1.The first professional production of high-pressure airless spray machine business (Shanghai spray a plant)¡£
      • 2.40 years of the development process, so that we spray in the domestic machinery industry in the lead in the peer ¡£
      • 3.Conscientiously implement the ISO9001-2008 international quality system, through the ISO9001-2008 international quality system certification ¡£
      • 4.Through the "CE" European mandatory quality certification, and "CE" certification, allows the use of "CE" mark ¡£
      • 5."Ali Baba " TrustPass members£¨china.alibaba.com£©¡£
      • 6.Achieved 10 consecutive years of domestic sales of high-pressure airless sprayer leading Ranking ¡£
      • 7.More than 80 service outlets nationwide, making service more convenient, more secure ¡£
      • 8.Current export countries and regions: the United Kingdom, Germany, Hungary, France, Spain, Japan, Korea, Israel, Brazil, more than 40 countries and regions ¡£
      • 9. "Ransom TLS sprayer on the Haight, " is to make your products or coating technology to achieve the best international standards ¡£

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    Tel£º021-66599152    Fax£º021-66598050 ‡ŠÍ¿™C Ÿošâ‡ŠÍ¿™C ¸ß‰ºŸošâ‡ŠÍ¿™C
    EMAIL£ºsenlante@telansen.cn    Contact£ºMr. Chen
    Address£ºNo. 9611 Hu Tai Road, Shanghai   www.samaradc.com