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    Spraying equipment industry structure and prospects

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    The sprayer is a product of the Industrial Technology Development automation after the reform and opening up more and more common in With the increasingly high degree of automation, the application of the coating production lines more and more extensive and in-depth to many areas of the national economy . The spraying devices now on the market in accordance with the degree of automation: manual spraying equipment, semi-automatic spraying equipment and automatic spraying equipment can be divided into three kinds.

    Is currently in the stage of learning to absorb foreign technology, and the entire industry equipment belonging to three non-product: no industry standards, national standards, market access standards. The main issues involved in the design structure is irrational, not high tech.

    Structure unreasonable reflect:

    1, the air supply system and exhaust system equipment air flow design is unreasonable

    2, rough work, craft fine parts of the working poor do not even

    3, under the coating material and coating design

    4, spray equipment manufacturers in different ways

    Science and technology content is not high, reflected:

    A high degree of automation

    2, the device is rigid, not flexible use

    3, supporting the design of air and water treatment works

    4, fireproof material selection, there are security risks

    5, the overall transport of the equipment to do is problematic

    6, replacement and maintenance difficulties inconvenient

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