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    Automatic spraying equipment

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    As we all know, an automated spray equipment, it solves the existing construction workers to control the high pressure airless sprayer for spraying there is a labor-intensive, low efficiency, number of people, the quality of the coating is unstable, poor uniformity, a waste of paint, etc., kinds of automated spray equipment is airless sprayer, including a motor vehicle on the ground and suspension in the rear of the motor vehicle automation traverse spraying device on the motor vehicle has to control the vehicle to move longitudinally uniform and control automation sliding lateral spraying control system of the spraying apparatus.

    Automatic sandblasting machine is a sandblasting machine, he is also the use of compressed air as power metal abrasive media. The automated spraying device can be carried out automatically according to the set parameters spraying a large area, reducing the number of labor, high coating efficiency, at the same time, he sprayed stable quality and good uniformity. Automatic sandblasting machine automatically refers to the automatic sandblasting, the workpiece automatic access, spray gun, automatic swing, abrasive automatic sorting, automatic dust removal, anyway, in addition to the upper and lower parts, all the rest does not require manual operation.

    Hite Ranson Machinery Co., Ltd. imports of high wear-resistant and soft spray noisy pipes and a variety of soft sand suction tube, air tube, vacuum tube, paint tube and nozzle, at the same time, the company also eager to welcome new and old customers entrust the agent import or export.

    Hite the Ranson Coating Machinery Co., Ltd. News Welcome to Shanghai, the company provides high-quality high-pressure airless sprayer series products, Our aim: integrity management, customer service! If demand, please contact: Mr. Chen -021-66599152

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