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    Automatic spraying machine together to understand the requirements of the working environment

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    As people's awareness and understanding of the paint, the effect of the spray have become increasingly demanding, and automatic airless sprayer equipment is more and more widely used. For modern automatic airless sprayer coating line in general can meet the constant temperature, constant humidity and clean air requirements, but relatively simple coating production line, it is difficult to ensure a constant temperature and humidity and clean air. Painting construction in general must be the spraying room temperature control below 35 ° C, and humidity control less than 80%.

    To automatically without gas spraying machine coating production line of air dust amount to get effective control, should improve environmental conditions outside the production line, the polished separately the wipe process with the painting process, to avoid sanding dust into the production line spray chamber or dry furnace, to eliminate grinding dust spraying; should be regularly replace the air filter cloth, the dust in the air can effectively remove.

    Automatic spraying machine coating production line pollution generally have to waste gas, waste water, waste and noise, the use of organic solvent-free or low organic solvent content coating is the most effective way to solve the organic solvent pollution, minimize the amount of organic solvent, lower organic the handling capacity of the solvent emissions, exhaust gas containing high concentrations of organic solvents to focus on low concentration, high winds spray booth exhaust exhaust.

    After the introduction of the automatic spraying equipment working environment, everyone must understand that and to understand some of the painting machine performance, so in order to better spraying the workpiece efficient and fast in painting machine equipment, be sure to follow the manufacturer's instructions to do to ensure a working environment suitable for spraying equipment.

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