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    What are the advantages of high-pressure airless sprayer?

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    The superiority of the high-pressure airless sprayer is widely used, he must be necessary, Let us take a look at compared to ordinary sprayer, high pressure airless sprayer What superiority?

    The high-pressure airless sprayer is the processing of the paint and coatings using high-pressure pump, spray nozzle a specially crafted. Its efficiency is very high, higher than the ordinary sprayer performance, it is suitable for the paint and coatings, such as relatively high viscosity coating also applies to the following Henan finishing high-pressure airless spray and sprayer difference:

    1, the film thickness of the high-pressure airless sprayer is relatively high, the cover rate, the quality of spraying, surface finish, very strong adhesion

    2, the high-pressure airless sprayer construction efficiency than ordinary spray confidential about 2-3 times higher, and can save paint

    3, high-pressure airless sprayer device is very small, when transportation is very convenient, very light weight, and the compressor is very small

    4, some of the relatively high viscosity of the coating can be sprayed, and save the expensive diluent

    5, a film-forming, Flying Mist is very small, greatly reducing the labor force, but also improve the security of the spray

    These are some of the superiority of the high-pressure airless sprayer, if you have any needs, please contact us 021 -66598050

    Hite the Ranson Coating Machinery Co., Ltd. News Welcome to Shanghai, the company provides high-quality high-pressure airless sprayer series products, Our aim: integrity management, customer service! If demand, please contact: Mr. Chen -021-66599152

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