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    GP6525k Airless sprayer

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    Pressure conversion ratio: 65: 1

    No-load displacement(L/min): 25

    Inlet pressure(MPa): 0.3-0.6

    Air consumption(L/min): 250-2400

    Cylinder diameter(mm): Ф240

    Dimensions(mm)width×height×high: 520×580×960

    Weight(kg): 52

    Note: The no-load displacement is the displacement pressure of the coating under

    GP6525K high pressure airless coating equipment
    Can be spray 830 and 831 paints used in ships、New coating、Heavy film heavy anticorrosion、Polyurethane、Silver paint、Conventional paint、Underwater paint and Each kind of coating.
    Model applicationShips、Steel structure、Automobile、Trailer、Train、Machinery、Grounds around a house、Railroad vehicles、Tunnel、Pipeline、Storage tank、Bridge、Dam、Container、Astronautics aviation
    Product characteristicWith advanced technology and unique design,the failure of”Dead Point”in switching over will not occur easily to the high pressure air-less spray equipment of Model,GP6525kthis equipment will not also be caused to stop due to the “frost”formed by the “adiabatic expansion”at the exhaust parts;with a silencer of new type equipped,the exhaust noise of this equipment has been reduced greatly;with a gas distriution and switch over equipment of unique design equipped,the action of switching over of this equipment become both flexible and reliable with less compressed air consumption and reduced energy consumption;under equal main parameters,the weight of it is only 1/3 of the same kind of foreign products and the volume of it is only 1/4 of the same kind of foreign products;with comparative high working reliability,the coating cycle of it can be guaranteed in a better way so as to improve and ensure the quality of the coating.

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