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    NKP-3 pipe inner wall spray device

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    In spray coating pipeline hole scope (mm): 300-1200

    Manifold pressure (MPa): 0.4-0.6

    Spray nozzle velocity of whirl (r / min): 10-100

    Fuselage length (mm): 950

    Fuselage weight (kg): 18

    NKP-3-type pipe inner wall spray device with our airless spray machine together could be used in spraying a variety of channels of which inside diameter is 300 - 1200mm. high-pressure paints which transfers from the airless spray coating machine and then goes through pipe inner wall spray device, rotates and moves forward ,and at last finish the pipe coating successfully.
    NKP-3-type spray paint is fan-shaped, so adaptable to the majority of the high viscosity of paint spraying.
    NKP-3 type are adapt to a variety of channels with diameter 300 - 1200mm.

    Use schematic drawing

    Spray coating chart


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    Fuselage ...

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