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    Column Rotary Nozzle

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    model06B-08、08B-10、08B-15、08B-20、11B-10、11B-15、11B-20、11B-25、11B-30、11B-35、14B-15、14B-20、14B-25、14B-30、17B-20、17B-25、17B-30、17B-35、19B-25、19B-40、20B-20、20B-25、20B-30、20B-40、26B-30、30B-35、50B-30、50B-35 And so on
    Is suitable the type: The high-pressured airless spraying machine isgeneral.
    More wear-resisting, the life is longer
    Perfect atomization effect
    When spray coating the spray nozzle is stopped up, only need rotate the handle 180°, the buckle moves the spray gun trigger to draw support, the high-pressured coating's pressure the dunghill blows out the spray nozzle, rotates 180° then the normal spray coating again.
    The nozzle rotation packing surface is the steeliness components, seals, not the easy pulling injury, the distortion, the service life to be long.
    In front of the nozzle has the duck mouth shroud, safe reliable.
    The spray nozzle serial products has set up the new spray coating standard. The relaxed use, the exquisite product craft and the superior durable spray nozzle core, have safeguarded the high grade spray coating surface. Not only may provide broadly spurts the vice-choice, moreover is suitable each coating, the paint, the enamel paint, the primer, the silver paint, the latex paint, the inside and outside wall putty, the asphalt, the fire-proof material, the fireproof material, even gypsum material and so on. 

    Column Rotary Nozzle Serial number explanation
    For example17B25
    17Expression Each minute current capacity1.7L/min
    Bexpression Spray nozzle modelB type spray nozzle
    25Expression before the spray nozzle,300mm place fog width 250mm
    Note: Must achieve the best province paint, needs to select the column rotation nozzle model reasonably.


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