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    GP12C Airless sprayer

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    Pressure conversion ratio: 30: 1

    No-load displacement(L/min): 6

    Inlet pressure(MPa): 0.3-0.6

    Air consumption(L/min): 180-2000

    Cylinder diameter(mm): 125

    Dimensions(mm)width×height×high: 480×480×800

    Weight(kg): 32

    Note: The no-load displacement is the displacement pressure of the coating under

    GP12Chigh pressure airless coating equipment
    Can be spray Encaustic tileFurnitureSteel structureShipsConstructs the inside and outside wall latex paintTannery spray coating glue waterEach kind of coating and Paint
    Pressured air as the power,steady and reliable,malfunction ratio is extremely low.
    Pressure pulsation is small;the coating layer is even,the coating quality is better.
    The route is long,the exhaust is big,the frequency of switching direction is low,hard to be damaged by friction,the life of the machine and the maintenance cycle extends.
    Use new type silencing device.
    It is a type of small car,the structure is close,the movement is convenient.

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