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    990i Electric high-pressure airless sprayer

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    Application:Suitable for many kinds of low medium to high viscosity paint, colorant, varnish, lacker, lacquers, latex, stains, enamels, oil-based and latex-based painting etc. For small to medium size area indoor / outdoor wall painting, decoration, construction, home, building, machinery, fence, deck etc

    Brushless Motor has high reliability, good adaptability, stable performance, easy to maintenance and repair.
    Besides all advantage of regular DC motor, Brushless motor also eliminates carbon brush and slip-ring structure; Realizing stepless speed regulating, wide speed range, strong overload capacity;
    Small size, light weight, strong powder; No electric spark generating,it specially suitable in public areas with good safety.
    The motor adopts rare-earth permanent magnet material with its small volume, large power and 2 times longer life expectancy than regular permanent magnet.

    Model 990i
    Electric machine power 1500
    最大輸出壓力 (MPa)
    Most.output pressure  25
    Output volume 2.5
    Maximum jet distance 350-400
    The largest type nozzle 17B30
    Voltage of electric source 220
    Weight of the whole machine 18

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